Lakewood village Did You Receive A Letter From The IRS?

Did You Receive A Letter From The IRS in Lakewood village

Nobody wants to run into tax issues or become subject to an IRS tax audit. If one of these unpleasant circumstances occurs, getting the appropriate tax help plays a vital role. At Pacific Tax Professionals, we have extensive expertise in protecting Pasadena and Long Beach clients. Whether you owe money to the IRS, have unfiled returns from a previous year, or are currently the subject of an IRS audit, we are here to help.

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IRS Audit Support

As tax experts, Pacific Tax Professionals are versed in IRS guidelines and skilled at negotiating the most reasonable debt settlement. We will effectively communicate with the IRS on your behalf to better your situation.

Filing Back Taxes

No matter why you haven’t filed your taxes, the most important thing is to do it promptly. Our experts will take care of your tax issues. They will also represent you in dealings with the IRS.

Salary Garnishment

Many people have their salaries garnished by the IRS. If you owe taxes, the IRS may speak with your employer and use some of your wages to settle your debt. Do not become alarmed if this is happening to you. Call Pacific Tax Professionals, and we will make arrangements with the IRS to try to settle your debt and remove the wage garnishment.

Tax Levies and Liens

Recognizing every IRS notice you may receive is vital. If you choose to disregard it, they may potentially put a lien on your property, car, or salary to recover the unpaid taxes. Having Pacific Tax Professionals allows us to speak with the IRS on your behalf. It shows them that you are making an effort to resolve the issue.

Filing Back Taxes

There are many different causes of tax evasion. The first and most crucial step is getting up to date and filing your back taxes. Pacific Tax Professionals will speak with the IRS on your behalf. We are here to address unresolved issues and take the steps necessary to lessen the burden of your past taxes and any penalties incurred from your failure to file.

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