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Top Tax Specialist in Long Beach and Pasadena California
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Top Tax Specialist in Long Beach and Pasadena California
Top Tax Specialist in Long Beach and Pasadena California
Top Tax Specialist in Long Beach and Pasadena California
Top Tax Specialist in Long Beach and Pasadena California
Highly Rated Results
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Nicholas Alvarez
Nicholas Alvarez
Made my worries disappear in an instant. I've been stressing for months and in like 20 minutes it was done. I had crypto, stocks, 1099s and w2s and I also work in the entertainment industry and they educated me on write offs I didn't even know I was entitled too. Never doing my own taxes again ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Dawn Mckoy
Dawn Mckoy
20 stars goes to Mike..I went In and he did my tax amendment. He did a great job. He knows exactly what he doing. He got me all the credit I needed and didn’t get before. I strongly recommend Mike to do your yearly taxes
Gio G
Gio G
Mike is knowledgeable, efficient, and responsive my with return. I had a complicated year of taxes with my business and day trading so I decided to do my taxes with a CPA instead of an online tax service. Not only did he do a much better job than I would have been able to do online, he also gave me pointers on deductions and how I can save more money for the next year. He made the process easy and he always kept me updated. I appreciate his expertise and will only use him in the future. Highly recommend him!
Joseph Salcedo
Joseph Salcedo
Communication and setting up an appointment could not have been easier! Mike was very personable and was genuinely interested in how I was doing as a person. He's not just another number cruncher, though he is certainly skilled as a tax preparer. I've done my own taxes as a musician for several years now, but recently my sources of income have to primarily W-2. I've always used TaxAct to help fill out a Schedule C, but this year when the amount I was supposed to get back was less than previous years, I knew I should have a professional take a look. I met with Mike and he help me get 40% more money back than I would have if I had submitted with TaxAct. Thanks again Pacific Tax Pros!
Charles Kim
Charles Kim
Mike Steverson at Pasadena Tax Preparation is a welcome breath of fresh air! He is completely genuine and doesn't just say that he cares, but truly takes the time to know every one of his clients and provides personalized service. He is always focused on creating and maintaining great relationships than simply earning an income with his services. He brings his passion and intelligence to each of his clients in order to best serve everyone's unique situation and needs. I've had no problems at all in recommending his services to my own clients and friends.
Lucero Rodriguez
Lucero Rodriguez
As soon as I walked into Gaby’s office in Long Beach I felt this grounded-trusting experience. Gaby is a solid woman. I was stoked when I found out that she expanded to Pasadena. Mike, the gentlemen that opened the office in Pasadena is brilliant. His unique taste spreads relaxation and adventure in his office. Just what I needed. When it comes to numbers or taxes I used to avoid and then panic last moment to just get my taxes done last minute. I know I am in good hands when it comes to taxes now. Which gives me so much relief. I invite you all to set yourself up to win and book an appointment. Much love ✌️🌻
Jeff Hauser
Jeff Hauser
Have you ever procrastinated making a dentist appointment because you've let it go on for too long, and the problem gets so bad, and you're afraid the dentist will shame you? Well that's how I felt with my taxes, but luckily Mike and Gabby walked me through everything and I never felt embarrassed of how little I knew. Before working with them, I looked into TurboTax but I felt like that wasn't really looking for creative solutions to tax problems (which it's not made to do anyway), but Mike was especially great at thinking outside the box and solving problems that I didn't even know existed.
Sourabh Chakraborty
Sourabh Chakraborty
Mike really knows his stuff and took care of me! I've only used online tax services and software, however after a big year of complex expense situations and self-employment, I decided to take the leap and consult a professional. I was a bit nervous, but Mike made me feel extremely at ease. He was genuinely interested in finding the best solution and was even able to point out a few ways I could be saving, and yielding a bigger return than ever before. I 100% felt like I could just trust him, and to walk out with that feeling, I know I'll be back year after year!
Tom Kahre
Tom Kahre
I wish I could leave 10 stars! Doing my taxes made me want to pull my hair out every year, until I went to see Mike at Pacific Tax Professionals. I will not be using anyone else!
Highly Rated Results

We are committed to our clients needs and satisfaction.

Top Tax Specialist in Long Beach and Pasadena California
Top Tax Specialist in Long Beach and Pasadena California
Top Tax Specialist in Long Beach and Pasadena California
Top Tax Specialist in Long Beach and Pasadena California

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Top Tax Specialist in Long Beach and Pasadena California
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Why Choose Our Professional Tax and
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Top Tax Specialist in Long Beach and Pasadena California

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